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Dominic Kirwan Live from Galway
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Dominic Kirwan Live from Galway

Dominic Kirwan is one of Ireland's most dynamic and not to mention talented Irish Country Music Artists. Dominic's voice has gained even greater depth with time, his style mixes modern ballads very successfully with orchestral and the ultimate big band country music experience.

Track Details

1 Love Is In The Air J. P. Young / H. Yanda
2 I Swear E. Myers / G. Baker
3 Ten Guitars G. Mills
4 Sometimes When We Touch D. Hills / B. Mann
5 Unconditional Love D. Lowery / R. Sharp / T. Dubois
6 Friends For A Lifetime C. Lynch / S. Stewart
7 Step Aside Or Love Me Tonight C. Maguire
8 Everyday I Love You J. Styne / S. Cahn
9 Right Time Of The Night P. McCann
10 I Love A Rainy Night E. Rabbit / E. Stevens / D. Malloy
11 Please Release Me E. Miller / R. Young / D. Williams
12 How Great Thou Art S. Hine
13 Let Me Romance You C. Maguire
14 If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body D. Bellamy
15 The Town I Love So Well P. Coulter
16 Dance The Night Away R. Malo
17 Through The Years S. Daref / M. Panzer
18 You Are The One T. Bradford