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Golden Dreams
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Golden Dreams

Dominic Kirwan is one of Ireland's most dynamic and not to mention talented Irish Country Music Artists. Dominic's voice has gained even greater depth with time, his style mixes modern ballads very successfully with orchestral and the ultimate big band country music experience.

Track Details

1Let Your Love FlowL. Williams
2Sweetheart Darling Of MineC. Lynch / P. Hayes
3Walking In The SunJ. Berry
4You Are The OneT. Bradford
5She Wears My RingN. Serraddel / F. Bryant / B. Bryant
6Our LoveS. Ewing
7My Beautiful WifeM. Sheridan
8You're Such A good Looking WomanA. Hammond / M. Hazelwood
9The Only Couple On The FloorJ. Durill
10Friends For A LifetimeB. Lynch / S. Stewart
11Golden DreamsJ.Duggan
12Sometimes When We TouchC. Hill / B. Mann
13Hold Me Just One More TimeJ. Bollard
14When The Girl In Your ArmsS. Tepper / R. Bennett
15Someone In Your EyesS. Ewing
16Power Of LoveD. Cook / G. Nicholson
17Through The YearsS. Dorff / M. Panzer
18Bouquet Of RosesS. Nelson / B. Hillard
19Love Without End, AmenA. Barker
20Absent FriendsMcCrone / Jack