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Dominic Kirwan is one of Ireland's most dynamic and not to mention talented Irish Country Music Artists. Dominic's voice has gained even greater depth with time, his style mixes modern ballads very successfully with orchestral and the ultimate big band country music experience.

Track Details

1Hold Me Just One More TimeJ.Bollard
2The Only Couple On The FloorJ. Durrill
3My HappinessB. Peterson / B. Bergentine
4A Picture Of YouJ. Beverage / P. Oakman
5If You're Ever In My Arms AgainB. Braddock
6I Really Don't Want To KnowD. Robertson / H. Barnes
7EvergreenJ. Tanner
8Absent FriendsMcCrone / Jack
9Release MeE. Miller / D. Williams / R. Young / R. Harris
10Bouquet Of RosesS. Nelson / B. Hillard
11The Way Loves Supposed To BeD. Burgess / E. Burton
12Hello MaryLouG. Pitney
13Make The World Go AwayH. Cochran
14Bless This HouseM. Brahe / H. Taylor